Frequently Asked Questions

Shop General

All orders are packaged by hand.

Print orders are assigned tracking numbers. You will be notified via email once the package is sent out.

*Delivery conditions are out my control & package arrival will vary based on your location in the world. 

Paypal payments are not allowed.

Please use a different form of payment or manually input your credit card information at check out.

  • We do accept group & wholesale orders.
  • We do NOT host any GOs you’ll have to look for groups within your area/country.
  • Stock is Limited
  • GO organizers are responsible with communicating with their customers about product arrival & delivery. 
  • If failed to communicate & handle customer orders, then GO organizations will be blacklisted from my shop.

Shipping Info

  • Flat Rate Stamped Mail (No Tracking): $1.50 USD - Only for stickers & small items
  • Tracked Mail: $4 USD for all items
  • Shipping Carrier:
    USPS® - United States Postal Service
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for production time, following USPS an additional 1-2 weeks to transit your order. You will receive an email from us immediately when your order ships.

We now offer worldwide shipping. All international orders will be shipped via Asendia USA to reduce shipping cost.

Please refer to this link to see which countries are affected. If your country is on the USPS list, then unfortunately we're unable to ship to you.

International overseas deliveries can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months due to shipping delays and your country's mail courier.

Metered Mail (w/ Tracking) are mandatory for international orders.


*Prices may vary with location

  • North America (Canada, Mexico, Central America) - $12.00 USD
  • South America - $ 15.00 USD
  • EU & UK - $16.00 USD
  • Oceania - $ 16.00 USD
  • Asia - $16.00 USD
  • South East Asia - $16.00 USD
  • Middle East - $14.00 USD
  • Africa - $ 15.00 USD

About my Order

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If you would like to cancel your order and it has not been shipped yet, reach us through email or through the contact form.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Don't worry, send us a message then we'll promptly send you the correct items.

Email: shop@bionyoillustrations.com or send contact form here.

*Disclaimer: packages may be damaged during the shipping/delivery process.

Fill out order correction form here.

Must provide order number, and a picture and/or video of the damaged item(s)

For further questions, email shop@bionyoillustrations.com

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Contact Addresses

Email: shop@bionyoillustrations.com

PO Box:
bionyo illustrations
PO Box 2268
Daly City CA 94017-2268