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With great dedication and honor, this is Bionyo Illustration's 3rd Annual Summer Opening. I began sharing my work summer 2020 and didn't expect to grow at an exponential rate. I've grown + learned a lot these past two years creatively as an artist & indiviual which has reflected on my craftsmenship.

My art continues to improve, but it has reached many parts of the world all thanks you to your wonderful love and support. Looking forward to future projects and openings.

Enjoy these new additions to your home!

Love, Bionyo


Meet one of my original characters,Philip!

If you look closely, he's the one you see on all of my packaging. He looks a little grumpy, but that's just his face. Philip is a dog of many tricks; he's a model, skateboarder, entrepreneur, artists and who knows what else!

He's the life of the party & a great companion.