B-Grade Stationery Mystery Bag

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 (1)
3 Randomized Items Included 1 of each: 3x3in Not-so-sticky notes, 4x6in memo pads & 3in sticker.

B - Graded Definition + Criteria

  • B-Graded stationery are in okay condition; sticky notes are not that sticky (practically memo pads), stickers are wonky and memo pads have some misprints. 

  • Each B-Grade item is unique with its own imperfections; hence, each purchase will differ.

  • ALL B Graded Bags  underwent the same degree of inspection/grading Although with slight errors, B-Grade pins are NOT considered defective (defective items are taken out & not sold)

Before purchasing, customers must recognize this as a B-grade item sold at a discounted price.

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